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Mintel Comperemedia is the industry gold standard in direct marketing analysis and innovation. Comperemedia delivers the highest level of data granularity, local market knowledge and in-depth analysis. Mintel's rigorous quality standards, methodology and robust data provide the world's leading companies with marketing intelligence you can trust to grow your business.

Mintel also offers insight into email campaign performance with key success metrics provided by its ePerformance tool.


What is it?

Data and Analytics

Clients benefit from powerful marketing data and analysis that enable them to gain competitive intelligence, monitor life cycle communication trends and identify cross-channel marketing innovation.

Actionable Insights

Comperemedia's industry experts and research analysts deliver a constant stream of insight into marketing trends and developments. Brand-specific, benchmarked against the competition, whole-market coverage - metrics tailored to your business.


From our client service and research teams to our account managers, we are always here to answer questions and assist with projects. Whatever your business needs, our team will help you - quickly and confidently.

How can I use it?

Consumer Behavior

Discover hard-to-find facts and acquire the intellect to examine them.

Competitive Analysis

Gain insight into your competitions. retention and acquisition strategies and learn how your competitors are addressing current issues and trends.

Customer Engagement

Benchmark email design, frequency and engagement metrics and analyze read/spam/delete rates in real time with Mintel ePerformance.

Market Intelligence

Find out what.s new in cross-channel marketing and discover where your marketing should be headed.

Strategic Consultancy

Bring us your business challenges and we will give you the data, intelligence and options to solve them.

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Is DirecTV Now's Subscriber Growth Decelerating?

This blog post uses data from multiple sources to determine whether interest in DirecTV Now has waned in 2017.

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DISH Tunes Out of the Echo Chamber and in to the Customer

Pay-TV providers, the majority of which continue to perform dismally in customer satisfaction ratings, seem to be stuck in their own corporate echo chambers. The industry is ripe for a customer-centric shakeup and DISH wants to be the provider to do it.

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Analyst Interview: 2017 Retail Marketing Trends

Listen in on a conversation with Ali Lipson, Mintel Director of Retail & Apparel Consumer Reports and author of Mintel's 2017 Retail Marketing Trends as she discusses these trends with Comperemedia Chief Insights Officer Andrew Davidson and Mintel Vice President of Marketing, Jen Werner.

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